Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In and around most industries, excellence'n discipline are signs of passion. If you are excellent in what you do and you are disciplined too then it translates into people holding a very high opinion of you since you tend to get noticed courtesy the excellence and discipline. But it is nothing but obvious that in all industries - fashion, movies, entertainment etc. - all arrangements gone ahead with and prepared stand cancelled if the need be.

It is quite contradictory that before artiste or a creative person of any sort makes it big he has to make do with conditions that only the word impoverished can describe - but when they make it big and are given more enough facilities - those which only give them better space for creativity and which consequentially bring out of their genius minds a great amount of creativity which could have only come out provided the same conditions were given.

But somehow this has been grossly ignored and still big names in the industry insist that you get your way out of the rough and come up with an equally good work of art. The irony here is that while an internationally acclaimed artiste can cancel expensive arrangements made with him to take centre stage a non professional who is still making it can't. This is one might argue is a necessary injustice as it is training ground for good talent but one consequence of it is that someone who is new is not judged upon the merit of his works when that should be the case be you a veteran or a debutante. This great divide is a bane for new talent as it is doesn’t allow one to be evaluated on the basis of his work and not against the popularity of a star. So I conclude by saying all arrangements stand subject to change unless they are complied with.

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