Wednesday, March 24, 2010


A large factor that determines our decisions that boil down to spending of money is whether or not a expenditure is worth it or not in light of the what it gives back to you. Taking the case of being selective with – charging your mobile with currency. A lot of times we are like “Ok if I spend so much I get so much talk time or but then I don’t get all much of validity. Or maybe if I opt for validity I will get more because even if I overuse my balance is can still get calls.”

The thing is this – all the energy that we spend over whether or not a plan is ‘conducive’ to our requirements – eventually boils down to nothing because we don’t really care in the end. Sometimes because it’s just a few extra rupees and other times because we really don’t have the interest to.

This brings to light for me something I have been facing lately at work. All monetary benefits are not always cash-value returning. Most of the real joys in life come from the smallest of joys which don’t even cost a thing. And maybe that’s what’s some of the small time companies which try to ‘be’ big time should learn. Not all monetary gains are in the forms of bankable and investable bank balances.

But while they realise that, they should also realise that the happier you make your employee the more he will like to work the less pressure he will feel the better he will perform and your bank balance will consequently grow higher.

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