Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Life itself consists of many stages as follows - the stage when you just do as your told, the stage when you get curious and start to question, the stage when you've thought of your own way and head down that way, the stage when it gets really strange that you've broken away and you find the "doing as your told way" more safe while at the same time enjoying the other way and the stage when you either say that innovative is boring (contradictory to your earlier days when you advocated personal innovation till satisfied) and to go with what you've been taught is the thing to do because that’s the best that you know.

The above five stages except the last stage are usually staple behaviourial methods. The last one is one that we go either way. Now as a either result of these "syndromes", we choose to be in or out. We choose to criticize the system that made us (and that asks that we cooperate to continue the oppression so that the previous benefactors - aka the elders - can be in comfort despite them being terribly out of date - them and the system and not deny that fact) or succumb to the system (and choose to deny ourselves the privilege of being as inventive and creative as the only prospects of growth would require of us which means that we break free from the hold of the past which now effectively satisfies the older lot whose refuse to give up their spot in the limelight). The above described almost undefeatable the old young syndrome is my explanation of the generation gap. Time moves on and those who are its product naturally move forward with it thereby exploring it. On the other hand the people who were of the time of a previous time don’t want to change a thing because that time and all that represents it is what one of the many (and most of the many) things that they hold onto while their time naturally gets lost into oblivion as a result of changing of tides.

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