Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am an artiste. While I go about writing and singing I find that atleast here people are very unreceptive to art. They don't want to let it change their lives. Maybe that is because it has been bad of late so it shows no prospects. But good art dwells on that relationship between the artiste and his/her fans (read fans, readers, listeners, appreciators which ever is applicable) by which they support the art and we make it. To make the art we need to be in a state of mind to make it. We cannot function properly within the humdrum of activities that the world goes by. To do that we need to be able to pay our expenses of living, feed our stomachs while not having to worry about it. The biggest "bringabouter" of art is experiencing the real thing. That adds the fine touch to it...the feeling with which you sing, the emotion behind the simplest of words, the way you play an instrument...these things define the soul in a piece of art (again read song, poem, article, painting, book etc. wherever applicable). If they see to the fact that we don't have to worry these things then we can sit and bring on our artistic sides on and give them pieces of work that they feel expressed in. It could be their best friend when can't find a human kind to fit in that spot. They just have to trust in this holy nexus if art is to survive and grow.

Until we blog again...Sunil

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