Thursday, March 25, 2010


The beauty of a woman is related a lot more to the external characteristics of a woman these days. If you see a woman dressed in skirt and dress likewise she is more 'beautiful' than in sari more often than not. Beauty & fashion and skin deep - is most often associated with class and class is more associated with glamour. So, you can look ugly and have class in that context. But this whole craze concerning class is rooted in the westernisation of trends. Someone with a funky hairdo or an equally regular one but on that brings out the prettiness in her face will be more admired for her beauty as long as she looks likes a pin up girl or someone close enough that you can work with to make one of her - but you wouldn't want to categorise her like that because it would be cheap of you to do so but would like to have the privilege of her being so “beautiful”.
Where the problem starts is at the gap between the people who have taste and those who don’t. And taste comes from healthy appreciation of beauty and not from frustration due to absence or inadequateness of it. One may be so brave to call the latter-cultured. Another way to put is that the former those who appreciate true beauty and the latter those who can get won over shamelessly by sleaze in any amount. Sleaze and beauty are the two opposite poles of this argument.

The grey area here is that it is indeed true that looks are not all because confidence in a woman or vice versa is one characteristic that you can’t beat. Ugly or beautiful, sleazy or just classy, mind blowing or just bad fashion sense, if a woman is confident about herself, the clothes she wears, the way she talks, her mannerisms and what she believes - she doesn’t any need any of what I have described in the two paragraphs. That is the ultimate definition of worthwhile culture. It makes you feel proud of yourself and hence that which you believe in and stand by. That is the difference between the cultured and the uncultured taste – pride of self.

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