Thursday, March 25, 2010


Falling in love is one thing and marriage is totally another thing it seems. As it seems, being in love (the romance part of it along with all that precedes and succeeds it) is the dream world part of love. It’s born a dream and many a time dies a dream. There is no reality perspective in it and that is what is accepted. Hence the adage “love is blind”. Marriage as it seems is the practical part of love. It is in effect choosing to stay with a life partner that you commit to and the life partner choosing to stay with you. Love may be blind but most of the time marriage isn’t. When considering marriage, one looks at the practical aspects of how one will earn money to support the family, the acceptance of the family on either side, the obligations that becoming a part of each others family tradition and such.

One other aspect of marriage that is a must see into about age difference is the aspect of whether or nor one marries another older or younger by a huge difference of years. The basic issue here is that if the difference of years is great on either side (elder or younger) brings about a huge generational gap which clashes with the prospect of any common ground existing that might be the root of ones interest in another. One reality check that one should make note of is that while one may fall in love with another generations apart from each other the living together aspect of the relationship is determined to a great extent by the day to day interests and loves of the couple in question. While there are exceptions, this reality check whether one seriously enjoy another’s company is one that is questionable with the horrendous age differences that films stars from Hollywood and other film fraternities and other celebrities ‘enjoy’ is quite valid or whether the younger or the older one is the toy in the relationship and the elder one the ‘to die for’ hottie to get that the younger one was lucky to ‘bag’ or vice versa.

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