Thursday, March 25, 2010


You slap me and I slap you because of our pride.
If you kill me and I kill you , somebody is bound to die.
You wanna go our different ways, it's fine, it's alright.
Both you and me any day can do with at least a world with no strife.
But what if we make the best of what we got and share all that we have
And respect each other and not stop to compare.
Coz it's easy to say, "Get out of my way. I'll have my own way and you will have no say.
If you want to fight, we can fight any day and before you know it you won't even be there to fight if I do it right."
When what your mind actually says is, "You're kinda cramping my style. I don't like it and it makes me cringe inside and I have the arms, ammunition and power to make that feeling true tonight."
But what will you do when you realize that I'm gone
And the only thing you have with you is your ego and your arms
Arms with no one to kill but maybe your self in depression soon enough
Arms with no one to hug, strangle or murder soon enough
How long will it take you to realise that all you wanted was to be loved and loved back in turn
But someone came along and told you something that made your heart burn
Whether that you were right and all else was wrong
Or that you have been cheated of something that you could have had all along
Or just that someone before you had a great big grudge one that he could not enrage enough
I don't know what it was
But I can tell you that you'd better and work it out before you starting your chastity drive
Your fight for your right or your drive to survive
You're a person made of the very same things
That are the people whom you will annihilate, kill or simply get out of the way
The truth of You is deep down inside, what in your heart and soul abides
Some of it has been put by the many who had things that they want you to do on their behalf
If mangled beyond repair it is, then look at the things that it will bring
It it's sorrow and pain to another very same soul
Then you surely are not achieving a worthwhile goal
Not only because to inflict pain is a sin
But only to you applies not the mess you're in
There are people there too who have been played with by the many
Who have been made them puppets of again and again
They in turn do all they know
And make puppets of everyone where they go
You're just one of them who are also like everybody else
By the gun, by faith, by religion or by race have been made
Puppets of mindsets and goals that only kill, destroy and annihilate
If they don't transform at the word of the order
There are people who have been privileged enough
To have their souls maintained as they always were
Who are free and fine with their souls'n minds
Whom probably you detest because they are of this very kind
But if you look deep down in all this response to your agony
There is a misled soul dying to be free
With an anger quotient that is way stronger
That tells them to kill first because it can't contain in it any longer
If you're ever successful to do this right
And you stretch the limits of your might
You don't want to be left all alone
with no one but you alone
Take a lesson from the free and unbind those chains
To be yourself and not to someone blame
Whom your anger first sights to be the target that's right
But set right what has been mangled and torn
And become the you - the true soul reborn

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