Thursday, March 25, 2010


To be in the public eye for reasons that set you a class apart, you must indeed be a class apart. And you do that best with your actions. Celebrities, a majority of this class, are celebrities because they do this very same thing. They are either really good at what they do, really good looking or attract a lot of attention. If you’d notice John Mayer and anybody as ugly or unattractive who would sing like him would attract the same amount of attention. It’s not so much the looks but more the works – contrary to popular opinion.

So all the beauty is courtesy the money that they make with their works (they wouldn’t be able to have such clear skin, wear such fashionable clothing, look as stunning or drive those fancy wheels if they didn’t rake in millions). If they didn’t work, they wouldn’t be anywhere. But not all times is it the case that their jobs courtesy which they have the fame have them look so good. But they have earned their way through to deserve these things.

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