Thursday, March 25, 2010


Celebrities are by nature in a profession that demand them being seen though behind the work which is why they are in the industry in the first place. There are so many people who really deserve to walk the red carpet because of their artistic abilities which allow the celebrities to shine through – I guess there had to come in the glamour quotient.

By getting to be the face of the work, they obviously get the better pay checks and get to live the dream life in that huge house with those zillion cars and even more dollars in the pockets and bank accounts you can imagine. These privileges are courtesy the superstar phenomenon that has over taken cinemas the world over – that a superstar in your film makes everyone happy and thus the film is a success.

This means that the superstar though just a mould of the top guy becomes the top guy when he has no absolute sense of the creativity and genius that the real top guy has. But the method pays so it works.

Now since this world is full of broken dreams and hardly do most get to do their thing – this dream life that celebrities lead as a result of the superstar phenomenon is the thing. So maybe if they don’t get all those privileges, this looks to be a better and easier substitute – even if the celebrity life is way out of bounds for them. Hence the craze with the celebrity life. If people’d only realise that celebrity is just a glamour outer surface that is a product if many things that celebrities themselves would like to do away with if they could and just be artistes (except for the socialites and put-ons amongst them)

Just go and do your thing whatever it takes if you really want it that bad. That’s what the celebrities did to get to be celebrities. If they are really worth the watch or the listen, then they don’t care about the riff raff called celebrity. If they do they’d best be left alone and their dream life is nothing but a load of bull shit.

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