Thursday, March 25, 2010


In all the versatility that you may find on the planet with the individuality stamped on each soul, you will surely see a variety of existence that either must compliment all the other variety or is best at logger heads with it. While the appreciation of it is beautiful and quite something you put on a wall, the differences also are the very differences that we have to live with. And when you paint this picture, all is not as pretty as the appreciation on the wall. You have people with traits and natures which have Reasons To Be that drive them and effectively work against or in competition with other traits and natures which also have reasons to be. Add in a little built in pride and desire to succeed to that and you have many a war - many a war which has taken many forms physically, socially, economically, racially and emotionally.

What has seemed to have driven this war is the deprivation of the chance to live out this pride and Reason To Be to the fullest. One variety has suppressed the other’s chance to live it out and then the chain reaction continued – the depriving variety being first deprived and then as a result depriving the deprivee variety. Looking into the concept of the first ever deprivation (it had to start somewhere), the only way that it could have occurred is if one variety had a ego rise – something that made it want to be more than just on the level of peaceful existence that did exist between all varieties, a boost to its Reason To Be. While one can explain the reason behind the deprivation of another of their Reasons To Be as their own deprivation, the first ever Depriver/Deprivation cannot be explained away with that. While there may be probable reasons galore that could possibly explain that, the point of this piece is not that.

Now the case is such that you have this cycle of the deprived depriving the deprivees and the deprivees, in turn doing the same forming a continuously continual cycle that doesn’t really do anyone any good except steal dignity and pride from one and give it to another. And to the depriver while it empowers them and they have gotten their dignity and pride back, while they rest in their victory of sorts, they either cringe in their heart once they see the evil that has been caused to the deprivee at their hands all in the name of their Reason To Be (an end to which any means has suddenly become justifiable) else their solace in victory is not that they can freely be their Reason To Be but is one of a more selfish kind like these machines we see in the movies who come to destruct all in their path by default and who just do it because that is what they do and they can do nothing else.

If they were indeed one of the varieties of this planet who had a Reason To Be who were themselves deprived and then later started depriving others and then became maniac machines that fail to recognize the fact that they had achieved the opportunity to be their Reason To Be which was why they deprived the others and also fail to see the evil they had caused (in the process) lest they were ones who would be unfortunate enough to be the deprivee…well...we have seen enough, had enough and probably will die if there are more. While a lot of them have killed themselves, a lot more of them even today kill a whole lot of others. A strange phenomenon if you ask me. A stranger phenomenon when you find that these very same people had a family that they pampered, a wife/lover who they died with, lived in luxury in contrast to the people who they made suffer – both supporters, dissidents and people who were too afraid to not join their side – for anyone to say they indeed had soul and were not the maniac machines that they were seen to be indeed with no Reason To Be, I seriously beg to differ.

But let me here present in this observation the cord that binds us all. The cord that binds us all and binds us still is the fact that we are all people with Reasons To Be and we are as diverse as diverse can ever get and that diversity is integral to our Reason To Be and when we follow through with our Reason To Be that diversity comes into play. Now this cord is the identity that we have with each other with all this diversity. When we all are as diverse as we are being our Reasons To Be living equally on the level with each other, this is what binds us. If this is not what binds us, then we would have made each other extinct by now. It would have been a different story if we were all diverse and lived in separate sub universes in case of which we would not need to have to have anything bind us (or a need to bound by a common ground so that we don’t kill each other and do away with ourselves in the process). But the case is not such.

You don’t have to suppress another and then look at the person you suppressed and then feel bad for the evil you caused to realize this, every single time you realize it – that you just caused to another what gave you great sorrow in the first place. If you continue doing so, it is very likely that we will never end the deprived depriving the deprivee cycle. Let us just be our Reasons To Be as diverse as we may be and let everybody else do the same and explore the unity that comes therein, what lies further for the whole lot of us in that unity.

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