Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If you come to think about it all the pain and effort that we put into supposed "excellence" in art (read music, writing, journalism...) is most likely to go unnoticed. The journalists, content executives, writers, novelists, creative writers...all don’t realize that most of the extreme creativity that they delve into is absolutely meaninglessless for their so called "true" reality considering the eventual meaning that it is taken for...all the effort that they go "all the way" is proved "worthless". Though as an artiste too I feel it is the duty to tell as you are told by "the man", understanding your audience (and also your potential audience, your partial audience and basically anyone who is interested in your stuff) is where you are to draw the line at correctly and fully understand how deep they go with you in your art or is not suggestable to take the effort or should you take it purely for your own satisfaction.

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