Thursday, March 25, 2010


All of us like to think that all that we do is important. Some of us just like to think that we do. Some of us are pampered to get the right in the name of freedom and individuality. But what is a painful a phenomenon to those who really do make a difference in the world with what they do. Now you can claim all you like that your contribution is actually benefiting the world in a way that the world doesn’t know or appreciate it. But if you are being useful you will be and if you are not you won’t be and that will be seen and felt.

But there is one exception to your rule. Don’t claim that you are benefiting the world with your actions by some distant second hand and further method. You may or may not be but past your actions it depends on more than just you. And the very same people who it depends on have absolutely no clue that you started it all if you did. So your role in the world will take its course. Meanwhile just let it and don’t brag that it runs on you and your own strength.

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