Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Selfishness has been overrated to a large extent. In analysis of anything if anybody from the respective group has even the slightest of selfish intentions (selfish in the context of gaining for self), there will be a barrage of criticism on him of how he/she can be so selfish?

The thing is that there is a system to follow, once that is in place and which will only work if you follow it. Some people are meant to be big, some meant to be small, some meant to do both, some meant to be great...everybody has a reason and a purpose in the cycle. Things like fame (which is the main matter of contention) are only consequences (better said by products) of what our place in that cycle is. If what I am to be, my place in the cycle, is going to bring about fame and if fame is a very integral part of it then fame is the way to go. It like this...actors by profession are seen on stage. Being seen on stage, they are recognized and appreciated and made the forefront of the production but they are many more people who are behind the production who are essentially behind scenes. There are reasons why they are behind the scenes-because they are needed to be behind the scenes. Someone needs to do the lights, the sound, the curtains etc. Now it doesn’t mean that they will not at all get recognized but it means that their place is behind the scene and the actors place is on the stage. And even if they take the actors places they would do a bad job anyway because THEY CAN’T ACT!!!

If I have to be an established songwriter then I will need fans to establish me. And if I act humble in action( not in nature) saying that ok I will be humble I will not make a songwriter of myself and I will not write songs then there will be a vast hole in the way things are supposed to be because I was supposed to be the songwriter. The world we live has come to such a stage of existence where you have a anarchy of kinds-one which is ruled by everybody being "on the same level" but if I find myself on a different level because I havent driven it into my head that I am not but I have found me being my natural self and consequently being that kind of a person-it just is the way it is.


It all comes down to the fact that we just trying too hard when it should be trusting the cycle the world was made to go in. They are not relaxing enough. They try to guarantee what they cannot and don’t even consider guaranteeing what they can. They need to understand that it is all right to not know but it is wrong to be ignorant. It is wrong to lie to themselves and tell themselves that they are right-not because I believe so but because the cycle the world is made to go in says so.

We are trying to fight against the world thinking that we need to have control over it. Actually what would be required of us is to let the worlds cycle come in to place and tell us where we stand and what our role is. The good side of that will be that we'd have the load trying to make sense of the world off our shoulders.

Once we find a sense of self in our section of that cycle to be in, we will not want the more glamourous one. The basic message of this fact is that we should not look for satisfaction in life to others, what they do and how it affects us. We should have all that we need-our basic satisfaction and happiness need coming from inside us. If we can achieve that we will have no reason to be insecure. It won’t even matter if there is difference of opinion. Our differences in stature will be absolutely nonexistent. We are here in this world. We can make for ourselves any amount of companions on different levels.

But we leave on our own merit. Based on this fact we should not really carry ourselves on our external relationships but we must constantly push ourselves to be absolutely self-sufficient. That is the only way out of insecurity because insecurity comes when our sources for happiness, contentment and fulfillment are shaky or be more precise when they depend on somebody who is naturally more concerned for himself/herself and who will eventually go in that direction. So we have this protocol of being unselfish so that we can all depend on everybody and in the process nobody will get disappointed.

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