Thursday, March 25, 2010


Fashion these days is much associated with brands and subsequently with expensive price tags. Most of the ‘statements’ are nothing but some seriously over rated stuff that is so called ‘genius’. If one were to actually analyse the latest trend that is rooted from a trend or trends before that, the fashion designer in all probability decided to change it up because it got too well known, stale and boring and did the most obvious thing that he could do – do what hasn’t been done yet (the first thing that comes to mind). And mind you any old thing will do.

But far from these fashion mantras are the clothes that form regular wear which you find in the most ‘unfashionable’ of shops. Try going out to by a pair of jeans. For the day for the average fashionable guy who basically at the end of the day requires clothes to wear, the most difficult thing to do is to find an used to be absolutely normal pair of jeans without having people tell him that the ridiculous and ‘trendy’ ones with stripes are “in fashion” and the “latest trend” and different shades (some time so many on a single pair that you wouldn’t even know it).

The least consolation for people who are greatly troubled by this absolutely vague as vague can get fashion trendiness is the shades. Typically ideal for sunlight, the shades are become a stamp of style and style that no other style accessory has really ever been able to. Even the brands don’t cost that much.

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