Thursday, March 25, 2010


There have been numerous cases in India about the rights of people given to another people who originally had it. Some say that it belongs to their community many centuries back and what not. This is the case with the Babri Mosque, the now going on Amarnath issue etc. Some cases which borrow from this funda are the Telangana, North East freedom struggles, the struggle for a separate state in Punjab and the Jammu and Kashmir issue.

While there are many things that have to be taken into consideration including the sentiments of the people and the practical requirements and needs of the people in the area at hand, one overriding factor is not being understood. The basic factor when it comes to any of these cases is one very simple thing that is as fair as fair can get – Give to him that which is his.

While one considers sentiments and all that, one should take into consideration that anything taken from another community, person, family or group partially or fully causes an imbalance to dependents on it. Years spent into cultivation of a cultural, property or traditional asset can’t just be taken away in the name of justice. One may say that you have to grow and take into consideration the change in times and facilitate for the most good of the people that depend on it.

But what you cannot discount under any circumstance is that when years, decades and centuries have gone in to establishment of certain things, you cannot just tear them away the community, person, family or groups that have been beneficiaries of them. History may not be fair to everybody and it’s a pure shame that you can’t turn back time or cry over spilt milk effectively.

The best way forward at times is to be the one who gives way. Somebody has to give way at times when there is just no option. At these times, it’s not the government being impartial to someone and partial t the other but again the government doing the ‘justest’ thing possible. Any of their accusers wouldn’t do any better.

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