Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Glamour is a word used frequently these days to describe the over the board wooing of an audience. You have glam rockers, glamour models and glamorous actresses and so on…but to start at the start of it all let’s see what anything glamorous is about really.

Most creative forms of art in its pure form which is preferred by loyalists is not most likely to be enjoyed by all therefore making it a commercial success. So to make it commercially viable thus able to be done on a larger scale, one must add elements of interest. One of the easy ways to do so is to merge one pure form of art with another or more pure forms or art thus widening the audience that it attracts thus making it more commercial. This benefits both beneficiaries thus making both forms grow and intermingle audience, commercial success and scale wise.

Another way to do so is to add certain elements that may or may not have any connection with the original form of art. Such things like an ‘item’, glamour, a hot babe, skin show etc give it this added touch. This is exactly what glamour is - icing in the cake. Not really a contribution to the art itself but just something that the money rollers would like to see it have despite.

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