Thursday, March 25, 2010


For anything to be on target, purpose is the key element. Without purpose, one has no sense of direction and hence has no clue as to where they may be heading. The purpose that over rides all other purposes is the purpose of one’s life. It largely defines any other purpose that we will have.

While one is most often told to go grand on purposes in life, the context that grand is used in is not in its strict literal meaning. Grand implies huge, big, massive, larger than life etc. But the ‘grand’ eventually implied here is impressive, more than what someone else is doing etc., not the as big as you can get grand. If life is down to earth then so should be its eventual goals. And that literally translates into goals being of the kind that if you would spell would be spelt out like “My goal in life is to get up at a sane hour every morning, have a relaxed cup of coffee, do my thing, come back home…..and do it all over again every single day”.

But an impressive goal in life in the other context that is talked about in this blog post is one that typically says “By the time I am thirty five, I want to be on the top of the ladder in my line…” where you have no specifics (again in its literal sense) and more of non specifics which makes the whole idea sound lofty that makes the latter sound “impressive” than the former.

While the case is such (in the other context), we can clearly say that we are losing touch with the real deal of life and going in for an illusion as the more reputed option running after its reputation in circles of power and acceptance that have no idea what ever on the planet a reputation is and how it is best used.

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