Wednesday, March 24, 2010


...while I was pondering upon how else to constructively address the issue - the great divide, I happened to pass a man selling encyclopedia's and I thought - "Now this man is selling encyclopedias on the street. Maybe he will do that forever and never go beyond that and do that for the rest of his life and that what maybe his children will do too. But maybe if he has the right sense and knowledge he would set up a small little shop and expand his business and thereby expand it more and more and more till he becomes a very successful seller of these books."

Now what that implies is that if he does what it takes it will take him there. If he doesn't then it won’t and that’s how the world works. That is only an extension of the paradox that life matters and it doesn't at the same time. While at the end of it all a dream of any kind and calibre will mean nothing if we were to go about living our lives aimlessly then we would achieve nothing any way and would end up either committing suicide out of boredom - either that or we live boring lives not expecting anything to happen, improve or take us anywhere.

In conclusion I say what will happen will. What won’t happen won't and we all will make of ourselves what we will. Agree?

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