Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Equality they say will bring all things in order. Equality will not spurn jealousy. Equality they say can make one man look another in the eye. If you notice equality is the very thing that makes the same men who make this point want to fight over it after pondering over this for many a moment a conclusion to I have come and here it is...

What you work for you deserve because in the natural order of things that is the prize you should be getting not the price you must pay. Now is you say that all men (and women) should be all eye to eye on all things it won't work because if you take the basic functionality of a system that works you have many levels because each serve a different purpose. And when you bring in the "equality factor" you lose out on the importance of each level and the whole efficiency of the functioning of the system in that way goes done down the drain.

Socialists might then proclaim victory and say that equality has been achieved and that all is well but then they say that because they choose to turn a blind eye to the pure satisfaction of doing something right and doing something well. When you buy a commodity you pay the cost that covers all the costs of the manufacturers, distributors, retailers ensuring that they all making a living just like you do. Now if the shop keeper of the distributor of the manufacturer were to say that lets function such that people can afford our stuff better even if it means that we take less home or maybe take nothing home just so that the people who can't afford it are able to then it comes down saying that if one chose to rise above everybody else aspiring to pursue something loftier that the average man then he is undeserving of the fruit thereof and should give it away to charity just because he chose to think be continued

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