Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As we live this life when you streamline things - careers, hobbies, friends etc. - because its time to take it to the next level, what you'd observe happening is that the same joy that you used to do it with goes and one reason that it does is because it becomes an everyday affair - something that can just be done. When you first started doing it, you thought 'oh this is cool' and as time passes you end up knowing how exactly your day is going to be like. This process goes on - the fight to keep it a passion in the midst of doing it so regularly - till you end up succumbing to its routineness. This is a by product of finding something that you have to do and make the world depend it (a by law of it being something that really is what about the regular things that people face which means that it will be useful for them to use in their regular lives which your eventual purpose) - so the question is how to battle this? One way is to be relevant - read need based. Just like how you are hungry and you eat, thirsty and you drink, sleepy and you sleep - in the same way when there is a need for something that either you require for yourself primarily or what someone else needs that you sense that you feel you need to step and compliment then do it just like that - in real time. No thinking. If you waited so long for the situation to get as urgent as it has got, then what you have on your hands really is the thing for you to do now and now for it to be made the best use of or to make the best use of it.

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