Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am not proud and I seriously can't be modest. Really!!! It's really hard for me to take a compliment from a person who I know. If I don't know the person then I am courteous. I don't like formality all that much. It feels good to know that people are being affected by my stuff. Sometimes in ways so discreet but they are being affected anyway. I am finally breaking through to the world but there are these people who wont notice this at all....because they dwell on the great divide. The great divide is ruled by a basic functional rule- if you have made it by whatever means you get all the attention because you made it. If you haven't then you are not worth looking at. If you are in between then you are supposed to prove to be greater than everybody else to get the attention you deserve. Well those people will always be there and I am not very concerned about them. Honestly I don't endorse paying lifes dues because dues is something we create and follow and hence we can destroy as easily. There is no need for a man to go a hundred miles to prove his ability of going only ten. That is what the eventual worth of dues are. I don't believe in that hierarchy. But until I can save my own skin I will not give my all to save somebody else's. There's no point in succumbing to the easy choice of all going down together because to break this wall which we have created for ourselves is too hard. Until I can afford I will do what I can for you. So don't depend on that. Let it help you to stand on your two feet. If I have to leave you I will but then I can't use the excuse of helping you when I need to satisfy myself with an account of why I wasted certain years of my life. If it really helps you get out this twisted cycle that we have made life into then only is worthwhile

until we blog again........Sunil

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