Thursday, March 25, 2010


It has become common conception that one who is old enough to have a romantic/life partner or lover should have one because it is a need primarily because, as the saying goes, man is no island. One needs another to confide in totally – one true friend. Now it is an extension of this conception that one needs a ‘girlfriend/boyfriend’ and the larger question here asked which qualifies as the qualification that makes one someone else’s girlfriend or boyfriend is “Who are you sleeping with?”.

This brings me to question the intent of that one relationship that we all feel is a need because one must have a companion and can’t go through life alone. Are human beings nothing but sex animals or is there something more that they can do with their lives than think about sex every other moment? You have two points of view. One is the one night stand point of view. You take what you get have a good time. The basically ‘it’s all about sex and I’m not apologetic about it’ stand and the ‘I want a soul to soul with all the physical experience that I might want’ stand are the two stand taken here.

My opinion (call me what you will) is that while one can take either route (go for the one night stand or the soul to soul route), he has to understand that a larger satisfaction comes from the soul to soul factor because if man is indeed a sex machine then he has no business being as advanced as he is. There is more to the world which is very obvious - the different levels of interaction, the capabilities of men and women to be who they are and the achievements they can boast of, the worlds that they can make happy and more…so now are we meant to be mere sex animals?

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