Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Money doesn’t talk, it swears – that’s how the saying goes. That’s how it is everywhere. The guy who has the dough to roll out calls the shots because with no dough there ain’t gonna be no dough flow. He is the man who calls the shots because you only get paid to do what he says if you what he says. Most times in corporate companies this is what the scene is. There is a whole hierarchical level of things where one person has a reporting heads above whom there is reporting head after reporting head before one can reach the guy(s) who call the shots (obviously who get the dough rolling). And they deliberate whether or not it should or should not be done. But there is one guy who always has the upper hand - in which ever proportion but who has the most power because he gets the cash flow in and out.

Now if you don’t do what he says, then you ain’t gonna get any cash flowing in your pocket. It’s the same with everyone under him so he does what he wants and since he gets the cash flowing people just do what he says. That’s what I’m getting at here. Even the biggest of companies function like this. One single guy is calling the shots and it’s his way that counts.

It’s the same with any other group. A statement that says, “This is our policy or that is our policy” is nothing but saying that that guy on the top is telling us to do this and if we don’t do what he says we don’t stand a chance to keep this job so that’s the way things will be.

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