Thursday, March 25, 2010


One act I love is Miley Cyrus’. She’s cool, smart, cute, has a good voice and WRITES SONGS. Booming with confidence with her escalating success, bad press has got the better of her it seems. Now this is no gossip column but this is because I really feel people should just leave her alone. If they are really so desperate to make news, they should go controversialise some other celebrity who is really that cheap. Moreover she’s just like 16 or something man give me a break. Or are they out of ideas now to succumb to this level?

It seems like everybody wants a piece of Miley. First you get innocent outing with friends captured in camera and question what Miley was doing what where. Then a magazine cover that is one that should be taken of a fifteen year old. Then her milk ad was tagged as provocative because there was a white line above her lip.

All I can say for those gossip columnists is that they really are bad gossip columnists if they have run out of ideas based on what they’ve been upto before.

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