Thursday, March 25, 2010


As a creative tended guy, I tend to the critical when it comes to many things and once I was taught my lesson by someone who was no nonsensical about what she thought. Now she was not older (and some would argue more ‘mature) than me but she (Neha as you might have guessed by now) sure has it in her mind what she wanted to do when she had interest in the movie.

The reviewer in question commented that the film was bad and that she had the best laugh she ever had. Then why didn’t she like it, was the obvious question? Well I have to say that everything is what it is. You can break down things for your comfort or to support your point of view. But at the end it’s got to be useful and serve some purpose in addition to that it should be a break from the uselessness of most times in our day when we just want to get out of the rut. Either way as long as it works and is worth depending upon what it’d take to relieve one, I guess it deserves a thumbs up. A kinda lets make the best of what we have at this point in time attitude.

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