Thursday, March 25, 2010


For most jobs that require a lot of what will be referred to in this post henceforth as so called ‘business sense’ people look for people who went to college for those long years and got all those two and three letter words attached to their names. As many of these letters as you have attached to your name-you are as good as them – at least so you should be, says those letters. And if that’s what you are, you are supposed to know better because you went through all the trouble to learn it (again so it should be). So your word is taken as THE word on the matter.
In contradiction, what a lot of these people say and act upon is a whole lot of rules that they were taught that you don’t do (not can’t do). It’s more like industry respecting (more constrainting) rather than goals to be achieved centric. This is not done, that is not done kind of stuff. It’s like as if they are taught to fear what they ‘better not’ mess around with and that is the key to the power they hold.

Is it this fear that truly drives people to the top? Is the breaking of this that will stigmatise one that breaks it? Is it this unstigmaism that is the key to success? More importantly is this fear/stigma a barrier to breaking boundaries and crossing walls that haven’t been crossed before if used right? Or is that parking lot attendant, blind man singing for his pennies and the man selling odds and ends on the street who have more opportunities than any of this education can open up the mind to?

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