Thursday, March 25, 2010


With everything that is to be done on planet, there will be a difference of opinion. Within all the argument that goes on about whether it is wise or unwise, in the best interest of all or contributing to the downfall of all, absolutely unnecessary or just a waste of time, there is common ground that both for and opposing parties are actually on when it comes to their stand on the issue.

The most common argument among these is between whether it can be done without or not. The simpler and more conventional stand is why the fuss – that if something can be done without then let it be done without. The other extreme of this argument is that if there is scope to do more than why not just go ahead and do more. In the midst all this argument on TV one night, I heard one of the wisest statements made on the issue.

This was on Times Now during an argument featuring Mandira Bedi, Charu Sharma and a BJP representative amongst many others. Amongst all the doubts cast upon whether or not the cheerleading squads can be done without due to their being ‘unindian’ claims, Charu Sharma seemed to be the wisest among all with his statement. He said something to the effect of “If we look at whether not we need it or don’t need it, then we don’t need anything.” We didn’t need most of the developments in technology, science, sports, education etc but we sure are doing a hell of a lot better with them. The most profitable point of view is that point of view which achieves the most and achieving more than something is better than achieving less or nothing at all.

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