Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When you are arguing with someone over being selfish saying "How can you be so selfish..." Consider this: he/she can be selfish all he or she wants to the absolute suffering of everyone around him or her. He/she wouldn't have anything to lose. He or she will go on and do their thing leaving the people who are used to lamenting about their selfishness empty handed anyway...that may be a cruel thing to do but what if it happens to you...what if you are left alone by someone who constantly acts selfish and leaves you in the lurch...when he goes out on his own and makes something of himself you will be left empty handed.....that's where the importance of love teaching you to stand on your own two feet comes in…more than just for the sake of loving love because it does someone good and you anyway want to reach out and touch someone...both you and the other person or the other person and you are satisfied and happy...what use is love if it leaves you all comfortable because you are comfortable with it and then when it cannot be held from under anymore you are left without should be of use..not just for its own sake.

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