Thursday, March 25, 2010


Beauty is not a right because if it was then there wouldn’t be such a thing as being beautiful. Everybody would be beautiful and it wouldn’t be a big deal if you were. Since beauty is a privilege, there is no mandate to sideline unbeautiful girls because if at all life on earth to be just and beauty is only a privilege.

The question this analysis is logically leading to is that if it’s no sin and one is not to be ridiculed on the basis of external beauty then are all fair in all things regardless? While I wouldn’t want to judge, I would say that what impresses me with anyone, forget woman alone, is the class one conducts one’s self with.

While beauty is a privilege, class is honour, respect and above all else self worth. Class is every man’s right regardless if or not they grab the opportunity to benefit from having some in their lives. And I would choose class to be the parameter of measuring respectability, honour, self-worth…it basically comes down to all of these things that make a person classy irrespective of looks, fashion, accessories, external beauty.

Someone who may not be all that of a bombshell who carries his/her self confidently in all the means described in the last sentence and more is surely my type. It’s all about the attitude you have towards what you believe in what you are and it shows on the outside when you are faking it.

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