Thursday, March 25, 2010


One may scoff at an adult watching animated movies calling them cartoons (“How can you watch cartoons?”) but there are reasons that they are branded children’s movies and one of those reasons is exactly why we are called adults. Exactly why adults are not children and why they can’t be because they are not supposed to. The years after which someone becomes an adult is supposed to teach him or her how to be mature. Now the whole question is this – once having had the experience to learn to be wise, isn’t the practical aspect the most important? Or is it? Somehow the supposed to be mature aspect over any practicality whatsoever and that is supposed to be how it rolls. What’s the funda? Beats me. But as for me and my ways, I swear to be as required and needful there would be a need to be for all practical purposes.

I was re watching Lion King the other night when I was reminded of the simplicity of the focal point of the movie. Simba asks Mufasa about the way things work out there in the jungle being the animal world he gets a clue how the world has been functioning in a cycle which is supported by everything and which in turn supports everything thus keeping the world in full circle metaphorically speaking of course.

Now I got that a long time back but it struck like hitting me in the face when I was much older succumbing to if not pressurised to this school of thought. Just let things be. The world was running fine till we started asking questions. Now that doesn’t mean one should stop asking questions but rather it means that we should let the cycle that runs the world run the world as it always does (provided we let it) and keep any questions to be asked to those that are induced but never forget the fact that the cycle was running the world fine till we ‘stopped’ it – so just play along and see how it rolls before you can ask any questions (if you have to).

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