Wednesday, March 24, 2010


To cut a long story short - that's all the story really is...I am Sunil. I live in Bangalore, I don't agre with the world one bit. They have got it all wrong. I try to tell 'em but you know majority wins....the loner is always the loser. But it's not all that bad now. People are listening but I know that I am going to make something of myself. I am not only just passing through. I want to write and do music in life. These things really do matter to me now. I'm getting there. It's a struggle. But if you've got to do your time, you've got to do your time. You can't escape from that amd I'm not trying to. I'm suopposed to go into the world and and conquer and that's what I am doing. I've got me and like Bono sings (more than) three chords and the truth.

Until we blog again...Sunil

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