Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Christian belief holds on to itself, to the extent, that anti belief is not entertained. To even be close to considering them is an absolute no-no and such a huge abomination that it absolutely unacceptable to do so. But it’s like maths. If you have to prove that say x square + 2y =7 then you have to first do by proving that x square + 2y =7 is not true. But that does not close the issue (aka and say that our perception of the closeness that we have to our faith is wrong - that it should be logical not just followed). The other issue is that if something is actually true then nothing can stop it from being right. That is the fact that supreme truth is based on what is true that will be true and no one will be able to change the fact that it will be true regardless of any "close to averse" factor.

So if we believe in a God that is all supreme and if that is the truth - since it is nothing that is contradictory to it can change that. People can say what they will, assume what they want to, do as they like, spread malicious rumours or anything they want to malign the name of Jesus but it is supreme and will be supreme forever and ever amen.

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