Wednesday, March 24, 2010


People say that if I pursue this goal to be a writer/musician there is no guarantee that you will make it and what if you don’t. Well if I don’t I will suffer from incessant thinking about making when I have "chosen" to do otherwise. Well I have done it. It’s just round the corner. In no time at all I will be on my way to passing on this understanding that I have got of things to people who will have me tell them of it in song and in writing. This is the moment that I have been waiting for...this is the moment for which I have spent nights writing know if you have no faith you will never achieve anything. The great mistake that the entertainment industry has made is to ignore the great stuff when it came by saying that it was not mainstream and hence not the in-enough-thing to be crazy about. But time has proved them wrong. Path breaking writing, music and other art forms have always broken through and made their mark and set new levels of excellence in art and creativity and they have been the new marks till the same happens and lifts the arts a higher level...this the world is blind to see...but unfortunately they continue to have such an opinion which is in the majority felt and accepted world over and hence the refusal to acceptance of new stuff which makes artistes the world over suffer and make developments come only when the "audiences" need them so bad that they cannot not develop their taste in art and as a result give into the great new stuff that was around...but they deny this very great force once again when something new comes around...

What music is, what it's not
it'll be what it’s always been
something new comes around
when the worlds state doesn’t fit in
with its mood of constant memories
when the world is riding high
with troubles no generation before
could have seen and they wonder why
it's all going down

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