Wednesday, March 24, 2010


When you have known someone for a long time and you see them after a long gap of time they are changed people but changed in manner that you know is not them. You can tell because you've known them long enough to know that they are surely not themselves. They may say that they are indeed changed people but they have denied (they have been denying) themselves the right to be the free them. When a change is good, it will be for the better. If the change that took place with the concerned person only results in an increasingly inhibitive nature then it is surely not for the better. Inhibition is a sign of fear, fear of being something, fear of becoming something or the consequences thereof. Freedom and fear go hand in hand. When you are inhibited you fear that something inside you will be seen and you thereby have that fear what you do and how you do things. Fear is indeed freedom. When you are free you have no fear and when you have no fear you are inhibitionless. So, it won't matter if you are a changed person and therefore doesn't hangout with a certain crowd anymore. Freedom "brings on" the unknown with no apprehension. You will not be "scared" of meeting new people and doing new things. Nothing can really harm you in any way whatsoever by virtue of it being new because you have chosen to use freedom to constantly explore the world when you find new ground. If you don't find new ground you have your old ground to revert to.

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