Saturday, March 27, 2010


A perfectly good illustration of how ones selfishness can unharmful is this........if you have an elder brother/sister, if you are the bossy kind of elder brother/sister....let us assume that it is his duty (household chore) to get milk for the say it is around 9:30 one particular call up home from work saying that you will be there in ten minutes(you are already late) tell your younger brother/sister to keep the food hot.....since momand dad will be back home from outstation there will not be at home on that evening in question....before you put the phone down asking him if the milk is brought.....he says sternly remind him to get it right away beause the shop closes at ten(because there is only half an hour left)....he says he will....not to reach home in ten minutes and he hasn't bought it yet so you tell him to...he says he would be leaving in a few moments time....the time is now push him onto get it right away repeatedly reminding him that the shop closes at get frustrated because he seems to ignore the urgency of the situation.....eventually he leaves at 9:55 and walks in the house with the milk in his hand at ten let's take an analysis of the situation.......his job is to see that milk is there in the morning so that when your mother gets up in the morning she has milk to make tea the shop is two minutes all it would take for him to get the milk is four and a half minutes(five if he chooses to ealk slowly)......whatever he time he leaves to get the milk as long he leaves at 9:55 you have milk in the morning....your mother has milk to make tea with...and you get tea without having to worry if milk will be there or not...thereby everybody goes home happy......the moral learnt here is that there is eventually something that we get out of everything we this case it was the "extra" twenty five minutes that the younger brother/sister took to get the is not wrong to deny one his happiness and inturn live happily together getting along with each other...nobody gets hurt.....the conclusion...if someone's action can be termed "selfish" at a given point of time, as long it doesnt hurt anyone and put things out of cycle it not wrong and should be allowed for better give you should have to give...even jesus when he gives he does not say give and be gone if you wish to...rather he says take but be warned lest you misuse it you will accountable for its every moments use..

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