Thursday, March 25, 2010

Of breaking down walls and such...

We all build walls around us. They give us a standing that makes the ground they enclose home. Sometimes the walls also give us security. When healthy, they imply there are some things that we protect ourselves from but which is not necessarily a bad thing. We have things that we protect in response to our pride in what we believe and stand by. They determine our grounding and solidarity to the cause(s) that we choose to live our lives for and toward.

But the world doesn't stop at where we our walls take root. There is loads out there that we won't ever see, hear, taste and enjoy. A lot of it, we never ever will get to, some we might be privileged to. What we can be sure of though is that the ones that we are indeed privileged to see, hear, taste and enjoy, in the longrun, are the ones that we allow ourselves to. Not all of that is in our control all the time. Once we realise the loads that is out there, a lot more of what we privilege ourself to be a part of is in our control, primarily in our attitude towards it.

"How", one may ask? I am no expert on the matter and I know nobody who is. There is no privilege manual. If they were, it wouldn't be a privilege at all to follow the manual, leave alone make the privileges thereof a joy indeed. What comes to mind is a poem I wrote on the subject...

Complacency is no virtue
The world's so huge and wide.
There are many things to see and know and many to keep by your side.
You may have been given it all.
That's why it sounds so unimpressive
But I promise that if you make an effort to understand,
You will be able to look at the world in a way that will make all things passing by
Containing an element of wonder which you would enjoy,
Making that aspect of the world and the people thereof happy
Because they find happiness in sharing their joy
And because that is wherein happiness lies.

I suggest that we define our boundaries well - walls or no walls. I also suggest that if we have walls, we keep an eye of things that are outside them. I would not suggest it as a regimen. I don't promise that the colour I speak of will be brighter by a drastic degree. It may be very bleak but yet it is a peek (or peak) outside your walls just the same. You don't have to expand your boundaries to allow all of it in either. Criticize it if you must. Watch it pass by, if your heart inclines you too. Bend down and touch with your heart and soul, if it so calls.

Actually, I suggest that we don't have walls at all, as much as we can allow the fears to not have them subside because it only gives you perspective - a whole lot more. Take what you will and leave the rest. Take as much as you're inclined and leave what you don't fancy. Bookmark what you like but maybe don't have the time to check out. Do check it out when you have the time.

Let it driven by a fascination from inside - only because such a fascination is indeed there, not because it simply should be there. If the world and life in all it's colour does not interest you where you stand right now, may the point of this piece of writing be kept for a later date when it will. A lot depends on the world that you have been taught and the walls that are or are not built enclosing that world. So while it is good to teach those whom you are responsible for, in small, big, moral and obligatory ways, things that are good, also do teach them why it must be good and why all else must be as bad. We must realise something being a little bad means it has a lot more good in it - bad being not good, after all . Life with or without perspective is one of the things that start when we know life as we know it - as young aged as we may be.