Thursday, March 25, 2010


Think there is a clear crystal glass of well prepared wine deformed over the years to give excellent taste – as tasty as wine can get – to the drinker. The most efficient made to be purpose that the wine would serve would be to give the one who is privileged enough to know what good wine tastes like an experience (or a re-experience) of what it tastes like. The ideal way such a person would taste it is to shake the glass a bit, take a small little sip, swallow it and let the fine taste of the wine engulf all the senses that it probably can.
Now take the same glass of wine kept on the same table in a place when it is surrounded by people who don’t understand such taste – mostly the alcoholics who use alcohol to break away from the senses by getting intoxicated. Now, they will take the wine down in one gulp and will be asking for a refill before you could take one breath or they would totally reject the wine and not drink it at all saying it does not give one that much of a kick.

Now the psychology behind this response is that the former have tasted what good wine is like and how good wine can be best tasted. But the latter knows not the value and meaning of good tasteful wine and hence just gulp it down and before you know it, he is extended his glass for a refill continuously until he realises that it will never satisfy his appetite for intoxication and thus gives it up.

Now think the glass of wine to be praise & worship music, the latter to be a regular toned Christian who would be familiar primarily with the concept and purpose of praise and worship and the latter to be one who would be not effectively a non believer.

Good praise and worship music - that most times takes a whole lot of talent too - is a mature expression of faith and belief. Statements like “Our God is an awesome god”, “Great is thy faithfulness” and many more like them make no sense to one who does not even what they’re talking about – much like it is a glass of overflowing wine that is not stopping to be filled into which wine continuously flows and which has to overflow as there is no stopping of the pouring in of the wine.

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