Thursday, March 25, 2010


Pride is pride for no small reason. From our growing years we are taught pride – that we have to be proud and that is it is good if we are proud in a good way and not in a bad way. Pride that we have been taught is the kind that is based from the strong standing of self – believing in one’s self, loving one’s self, having confidence in one’s self…

While pride is not only the privilege of the fortunate man, pride is also a bane of the same class of people. Humans live their lives by rules. From the time they are born before they can be an anything to be proud of that in the first place, we are directed towards making a stamp on the world and subsequently being proud about the way we live our lives.

After the nail of pride is driven into our heads, it becomes default that we should be haughty and status‘y’ about everything that we do. We should not take that step down the ladder of pride because it goes against the level that we have reached on the ladder of pride.

Having considered all this upon evaluating it with the respect to the purposefulness of it, let’s just consider that we had no pride and subsequently ‘un’consider the whole prospect of having a status. Having done this, to start with, we will have an emptiness in us that will be more than evident. If one is bold enough to experiment and abandon these two attributes that we revere so much, they will notice that it doesn’t really matter whether we have it or not (that is if we have the courage to in the first place).

Being used is a common syndrome that we have to battle when we are under the effect of pride. We find it undignifying to be used by someone else for a purpose of their own benefit (read when we have nothing to gain from the situation). But while this reaction is but expected of people who have been brought up in this particular manner, I am led to think that they can use the privilege towards another end.

After they have had the privilege of having the privilege of being privileged enough to know what it is know what it is to be respected and what is it to have pride of their own, they can surely understand better than most other people who have not had the privilege that it is very much a man made emotion that is not always fruitful to any sort of practical purpose.

For a minute let’s just think if we indeed didn’t have pride on our working for us, we would have prevented most world tragedies - wars, ridiculous homo(?) crime endorsing dictators, political murders, inter/anti racial strife, many nations fight for freedom, many nations fight against the freedom…

If each of the events that come under the above mentioned categories were prevented and were turned towards a worthwhile and beneficial cause, the world would have been saved from the disasters, injuries and in many a case the history that is not ridden with mistakes that not a soul has learnt from.

When you come to consider it, life has no sureties to it. Most of the accepted ways to do things are ways that have been time tested and which are plainly put - the best and most effective ways to do them. There has been no manual to the way things should be done. They are mostly tried, tested and passed more than any other way of doing things. These ways are just the best known ways to make the best of this life.

So if that be the case and pride be the fall of man, then by the above theory it is best disposed of and replaced by one that is non pride driven one. So, if you’re brave enough to make your life work better for you, you might just want to shed all the pride that you have in your system – as and how your way of life allows you to.

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