Thursday, March 25, 2010

A say on the Left stand the UPA during 2004 - 2009

Everybody needs an identity – something that he or she stands for stands by and fights for. When you look into whole need for one to have something like this which he has to religiously stick to for his own peace of mind, you see that when he comes to the point in his life that he asks himself what his identity is. But all the years that he spent not having to ask that got him into a mould that his unconscious mind ceremoniously followed which already became his identity. Now this question comes along as to what this identity means to him and he can’t really throw his present identity as he needs – all the more having known one all his life so far. So he sticks to his guns maybe till until later when he realises that he is not what his identity tells him to be having subsequently figured out an alternative.

This is the dilemma that usually happens with most people in search for their destiny and purpose in life and they are brought with a set way of functioning, thinking etc. But what is the deeper issue is why we are so dependent on one? The only reason that comes out of the mess is that we are brought up in a manner in which we are that we need to be in control and that you got to be on the top of your game. But no one knows what is he going to see whether, it will make him a different man or not, what new things he will discover – that in addition to the fact life is bigger than us. It knows more than we ever possibly can in our lifetimes and is intricately woven so that each life completes many others while benefitting the achievement of its own purpose of existence.

Now this absolutely natural phenomenon happens as a result of which we don’t give life a chance to show us the way which is perfectly our own prerogative. But what we over do and convert into the unreasonable fight for ideology is the necessity of what we believe in. While one can always believe what he or she wants to if even he is wrong there is the reality check that you get at ground reality.

Everybody has to have at least two square meals a day, a roof over their head, some sense of security that they will have what they need and more. If you don’t have these two things, you just can’t survive and without these, ideologies won’t get you far. If you really want to follow your ideologies to the death and you don’t mind dying for them any moment now, be my guest.

But if you really want to do something worthwhile with your life and maybe just lend a helping hand in the process, then get real, your enemy is not so much you enemy because all of life is about how you benefit each other by doing which you automatically benefit yourself (not that’s for everyone involved in the process) in the process living in harmony with the other. If you want to think that somebody or something has ulterior motives then you may but if somebody does have it’s because they are exactly like you in their thinking, motives and ideology but for a different cause which may or may not be beneficial to your cause. At the end of the day is the end result that counts. It makes all that you do successful or not. Not only on paper does it count but also with the fact that some good has come out of the effort. Moreover you can’t really love something properly without first loving yourself and your interest in the matter. If you don’t then and still pursue it, you have absolutely no clue what it is all about

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