Thursday, March 25, 2010


The IPL bug has gone - for a while now at least – and before you know it people might come up an even worse concoction of 20:20. But we know that post all the hype, we will have to get back to the good old one day and test form of cricket which any day is more wholesome than an IPL match. Now that the craze is over, it’s seems to be apt to talk about the lessons learnt from this whole episode.

1) Any other cricket match would not gather in the scores of crowds if it were not in the IPL format of entertainment package but then again what amount cricket did we really see is the question. What cricketing in India stands to gain from the IPL is nothing. The crowds will filter away and the true cricket fans will remain. And what a better start to the normal good old 50 overs game season - an India – Pakistan match that India wins!!!

2) While the money was always the name of the game, there was no issue with the guys pouring in the money before the IPL came because cricket was most culpable among most Indian sport to fall in that frame. But with the IPL all but the money that was really needed and much more (as opposed to a just a tad more in the regular 50 over test season) was bringing people who had made it much more of an interest than just the cricket – the cheerleaders, laser stuff, Bollywood attendance yada yada. While all this happened people who stood by the whole concept insisted that it was being done in the name of entertainment (which only helped add value to the game which brought in another market totally) but the brand, the logo, the entertainment, the stars and everything else but the game was given importance as assessed by the wise before the concept eventually took form. The game was played to drive home what will not stand by the game in India

after the hype passed (the hype has passed now and you can evaluate for yourselves the situation)

3) Cricket is not about hitting sixes and fours all over the place. Ofcourse if you do most of the time, then you are good. But then the reason why Dravid is an established name in world cricket is not because he hit sixes and fours all through his career. He is not called THE WALL for no reason at all. He made a career out of his style of batting. So did Ganguly, Tendulkar, T20 season will ruin their careers because T20 is not what made them and by what standards they strut their stuff.

4) Moreover and lastly it was not about really who was good and who wasn’t or whether or not talent was well scouted for equally importantly all over the country. It was only about a) limiting spending strategies to the little that the enlarged audience knew (what and who) about cricket b) who had the dough could spend as much which is why you saw money falling out of their pockets billionaires Ambani and Vijay Mallya being star campaigners apart from Bollywood most ever at the moment crorepati SRK and the ever bubbly Preity Zinta who had the side of her even more richer partner Ness Wadia.

All in all, I must agree that we had fun though and let it be understood that cricket is what it was when it was the way it was and will not be a game to play if we keep on reducing over at per side per match at our own whim and fancy.

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