Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The first kind of thought process was the kind that personified made for existence purposes - purposes that should be followed because for these very reasons things were created in the way they were. Then since, there were only but a few people who really wanted to dig in that deep- so they said that if won, the battle to bring the world back to its purpose of existence would be of absolutely no relevance, importance or usefulness. So it proved a more worthwhile exercise to just give the world medicine which they can handle - despite it being less glorious a healing that many would argue mankind deserves. This very solution is to fit things how they fit best for the best benefit for the whole of man.

Now the predicament is that there are as many ways to do it as there are to twist and turn it to suit what you want. Another thing that could go wrong is that someone whose take on what should be done could come from a mind that is overpowering over the rest because it has a better understanding of the whole situation. This with a cunning'n canaiving intention can give way to the most selfish of intentions getting their way at the expense of others. This is over injurious to the race if the others at whose expense it is done at because they will assume that that is the system that the world is built in and they are underdogs by default. As described above is the strength of thought when it comes to the different understandings of life that we have that make senses of this world that we live in. If you're strength of thought is not good enough (read as convincing) then someone will most probably skip it for one that is.

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