Thursday, March 25, 2010

A take on the 26/11 hungama: IN THE MIDST OF ALL THE HUMDRUM…

It was a merge of the “right” proportions – politics, terror, media hype, questions for accountability. Politicians edging towards the blame game, as usual-only this time they couldn’t be frivolous with their statements as a result of which you didn’t find any televised debates on any. While politicians sat in the comfort of their government provided offices and cars, the new heroes of the nation – the people who bravely did their duty to oust the bad guys -were given many a clap and pat on the back with each step forward that they took.

Relentless speculation and persuasion of the matter by TV channels, in the name bringing what “mattered the most” to the “people”, would have had a level headed person who kept his cool in all the chaos call the coverage of the issue anything but that. Yes, it is true – while “real” issues drive TRP’s (a classic case of which is the Ekta Kapoor’s serials which the mothers enjoy and children dread), TRP’s are only got by covering “real” issues, even if they are to be shamelessly displayed for perusal of most people whose in effect useless commenting and opinionating don’t do a thing to help the subject.

One can say what they will and be diplomatic about it but what happened cannot be only matter of facted about with because it dealt with loss of life and hence a lot of emotions that loss of life comes with. When one may agree that it can happen in any major city, our inability to handle the situation did not make the situation any better. Neither did the thoughtless comments from our leaders that it indeed could.

But groping on about it doesn’t really help and as the Government says action is needed. So while we have our leaders figuring out which side they stand on the issue and also which stand is beneficial to the cause and purpose of them and their party and to their prospects of winning the next election, we are stuck with showcasing our sympathy and stand on the issue in the form of peace marches, candles and being-accused-of mere talk by people who say that we are only talking from the outside.

In the middle of all this, there is a lot being over done – emotions being taken more note of than the actual issues when necessary and vice versa. What is important is that we don’t get over excited about the whole issue and put emotions before practicality because that is what the situation asks for

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