Thursday, March 25, 2010


There’s just too much ado about western culture
Being encroached upon by many a vulture
Of this Sena and that Sena
And this wing and that
Causing a Hindutva menace
That makes we wanna catch
These so called moral law makers
and enforcers all the same
and lift them with their fanaticism
And dump them all in jail
What they don’t understand
To understand which they fail
Is to realise that real people
Have greater things to worry about
Than whether or not our traditions are kept
Whether our cultures are maintained
Or whether they go down the drain

Freedom they refuse to buy
The freedom that tells us why
We are who we are deep inside
That which we have be happy with
If we’re gonna have to live with ourselves anyway
And if we don’t , we’re gonna have to live with that
And by that very freedom, we can say
We have brains and minds of our own
Each unique and unlike any other
And that we owe each other nothing
Except to live in peace with another
Because if we did, strike out people who we didn’t like
Otherwise nobody would be left alive after

What they don’t understand
Is the fact that there are no rules
That we made in the first place
Which we can’t break
We can break ‘em as much we made ‘em
And we can turn the tables
On a generation that did
Culture is no dictator
That our past should stay into the present
If it ain’t working
It can very well be thrown out the door
And if ain’t working’
There’s no reason for insecurity
Just got to move on
And find another way in which this existence makes sense

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