Thursday, March 25, 2010


It is everybody’s prerogative to hold to their own point of view when they are a few of the people who are incharge of the final creativity of the thing in question. Everybody has different perspectives concerning life, perception, what can be a better goal to achieve than it is intended on and why one should think of another goal to be achieved in the first place. So you really don’t have a conflict of interest but rather you have the issue of the manner in which you will be going about achieving that interest.

Any suggestable suggestion will be one that will achieve the same thing in the same quantity within one particular period of time extended or reduced for comparable comparison. Now the only issue is whether or not the process through to achieving the goal should achieve anything more or is the point just to get there and nothing less. Here comes in the issue of effectiveness. Whether or not the way that one of the creative heads is suggesting that something is gone about by should be at his juncture decided by the absolute necessity of it in the context of what is initially set out to be achieved – critically if they are going all the way anyway should they go a little further or should the original plan be stuck to even if the scope gets bigger than expected.

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