Thursday, March 25, 2010


Lawmakers in our nation are not the ideal kinds one can say. Many a time they have showed us how they can be even more detrimental the system of laws in this country. The irony is that despite all the commotion that they bring about, they actually keep the little that works working. But what is very depressing especially since they are people who are a level in the society where they can really say one word and in instigate more than ten times the consequence that the word would normally get done.

But they too – one may say because of their own vested interests, some may say because of petty mindedness – act like they absolutely have no social responsibility despite being the lawmakers of the land. It’s one thing to say that it’s absolutely to fight over petty issues with hand and foot and sometimes with whatever they can find which they can pick and use.

Sometimes you’d think that the core issue here is pride. Just like corners or main centres of culture they represent and the people who live in these areas, they could be proud about a small part of Indian culture that is really small (with all due respect) in light of the combined culture of the land. So their right to being given that voice – a small little voice (with all due respect again) – may not be totally addressed or may not really be something that counts (again with all due respect).

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