Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hierarchy in a sense is a way of regulation of many things. One of the many things it protects is the privilege of those who have put in their blood sweat and tears into something for years together to get what they deserve - if you’d call that a privilege. Now like every other game that is nearly as competitive as real life, there is always a winner and a loser. That what you get if it’s a race in the end – winner(s) and loser(s).

But the whole life is race theory has a flaw. The question to be asked is if it is indeed an overriding factor in the way things work (and how things will work well if they work in that particular way) thus spoiling the whole purpose of the existence of things the way they did before we came and took over (the way they are supposed and intended to be) then what about the other guy?

We are missing out the whole point that is to live this life – not race ahead and gain points. There is nothing to gain points for except those that at some point of time you get personal happiness from which you are also able to help others get the same. You can’t get out of this ‘mess’ that you are put in even if it is a mess that is made and not initially intended for. So you might as well ‘run the race’ and while you’re doing it make the best of it because you are going to run this race only once.

So the best you can do keeping this in mind is that you can take your shots - calculated and risky – such that you are least likely to regret it at any point in time. Taking into consideration the fact that you never know what your days will see, that’s the best that you can do – jump into the well if you are not sure whether it is what you has what you want before you regret seeing it with someone else who jumped into the well. Ofcourse when you live with such a motto, you learn with years and the years hence make you wise. So you’ll learn what you will if you are sensible enough to take each step up and each step down as a lesson that teaches you more about the path that you have chosen so that you learn how to take advantage of it and do the most you can with it.

While you do all this to get the best of this ‘mess’ that you are stuck in anyway, just remember that since it’s no race you might as well take the other guy along and thus make it a more pleasurable one. Meanwhile make yourself useful and not a waste of a body, mind and soul by doing your thing to do*. What say?


*thing to do – that which you are meant to accomplish in this world which could refer to one single thing or many things the list which changes as the years of our life dawn upon us and we see more of the world and more of ourselves and how we can work together - us and the world

PS: This whole post was taken inspiration from the part in Lion King when Mufasa gives Simba a pep talk about the way nature and hence life in the pride land rolls how things happen the way should and how one should let it happen and accept his/her role in the whole process however ‘demeaning’(doing your thing) it may be so that it works together like one circle like it should.

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