Thursday, March 25, 2010


Something that really amazed me when I first started thinking about why people are sent to jail in punishment for crimes was what does it achieve? What can the victim gain by the guy going to jail? What justice is meted out by such an act? Ok so the guy committed a crime so what are the most possible options for his punishment?

1) He undoes all the damage he caused in any means whatsoever so that things are set right.
2) He pays off all financial damage in cash or in kind if there be any.

If the case is such that there is nothing that can be done – like a life lost or time lost, there is no actual repair that can be done. So whatever punishment you met out to the guy you can only serve the purpose of revenge, something being done about his crime to make things better for the victim(when nothing you can will actually make things better) or just no purpose at all.

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