Thursday, March 25, 2010


When we use the word cheap to describe a person other than someone who is economical with their financial means, we usually refer to his belittling, demoralising or mistreating ways when he has no reason to economise on respect for another of his/her kind. Cheap people come from all strata of life and most often come from the “lower” class of people. This, in my analysis of people, is the reason why they act so cheap.

Now the “lower” strata is not the strata of the financially under privileged but rather the strata of the mentally non confident in themselves and their beliefs are such that they take on a superiority complex that make them think their beliefs are superior. Most often their strong point is not that their way of life is superior but rather that they are the true deal and not the faked westernised one.

Well, whether being privileged to be true Indians or not is a privilege, it doesn’t matter so much. What matters is that the self is encouraged, the inner being becomes the only being and that the vast realisations of this life can be understood, worked towards and realised. We only become what we see. By narrowing ourselves to be within a certain frame of mind before we can see enough to know our options of what to be, we only give ourselves the frustration of not living the dreams that are in us to live which we regret every time we look back at the things that we might have achieved instead.

If the culture you have doesn’t encourage this self realisation, you end up not giving value to the self and to start with, you have no pride – which then I can only say that you have nothing at all.

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