Thursday, March 25, 2010


Providing strict law order guidelines and enforcing them is the primary function of the law and order mechanism in the government. But not all the time can they keep all people under the watchful eye because people break the law and order which is exactly why there is a law and order department in the first place.

So when the mechanism fails (which is when it is the duty of the law and order department to come up with a new way to handle things), the law and order people swing in to action and see that things are back to normal again and continue to regulate it. Then again depending on the situation it may take a while to handle things.

All this of course is not as easy as it is said. It takes a great deal of dedication, knowledge, expertise on the part of the law and order department to be able to handle things right. And those doing that should know better than to let go things haywire. Clearly while running the show if something goes wrong the authority is to be pointed fingers at because they are there to see that nothing goes wrong. And it is up to them to see that it is set right.

...But contrary to this set up, when law and order fails the solution is not to break out into the streets and unnecessarily break property. Even if one were to ransack anything, the thing to ransack to at least be the office of the law and order authority. Citizens who have no clue get targeted when their shops, business establishments and houses are destroyed and razed. Public property gets lost. When you actually come to think about with the frequency of such riots, people should think better than to at least damage the wrong people’s property as a vent of their frustration. If you really want to say your frustration you should do it right and not wrong especially when it happens every so often.

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