Thursday, March 25, 2010


There’s a theory that’s been floating around the air for a while now if you’ve been keen enough to notice and catch it. It says that is x number of people are sitting in a room and if everybody is so concerned about what everybody else thinks of them that their behaviour, dressing code, words, comments and more will be decided by the x-1 people sitting in the same room with them. But if this is the case then each of the x people are too being influenced by x-1 people sitting around them – just they are influencing each ones behaviours etc...

This example brings about the whole concept of status in society. Now everybody needs to have something to be proud of. It contributes to a huge part of your self-worth. A lot of reputation comes from the fact that you are reputed which means people hold you in high stature. It also means that you are subjecting yourself unneedfully to another person(s) which does not help you and your purpose in life nor does it help him(the other person) because he too is doing it under pressure to do what is ‘expected of him’.

So the question is social status all that? So what if I’m not in with the crowd? Well while it serves no purpose, it has a consequence. Approval apart respect is a basic need to have man understand man at a level where he is really doing it from the bottom of his heart out of a desire to desire to live in peace at least with his brother on earth. So when one casts it as expectations on another person, though justifiable it clearly does no good whatsoever. So let’s get off each other’s backs and asses and into our own lives to understand what it means to be open and caring (at least for practical purposes) and get through the remaining of our lives like we all can use a reaching to the finish line.

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